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001 Woodcutting
 Woodcutting is a skill in which you cut trees, It's as simple as that. You won't need much for this skill: a tree and an hatchet are enough. You will only be able to cut normal trees as a beginning woodcutter, but you will be able to cut better and better trees eventually. The logs that you will get can be used for Fletching and Firemaking and maybe for Construction in the near future.


There are different hatchets for Woodcutting which you can buy from The Oracle, just as there are different pickaxes for Mining. You will need other levels  to wear other hatchets: the higher your level, the faster the hatchet cuts logs. 

Picture Level Name Price
002 bronze-hatchet 1 Bronze hatchet 1 gp
003 rune-hatchet 41 Rune hatchet 12,801 gp
004 Dragon-hatchet 61 Dragon hatchet 55,001 gp

Sacred clay hatchetsEdit

You can get sacred clay hatchets as rewards from the Stealing Creation mimigame. These are giving 2 times the normal xp while training Woodcutting with these hatchets. The hatchets will dissapear after a certain amount of xp has been gained. They will cut as fast as Rune hatchets.


There can fall bird's nests out of the trees in Corruption X. There can be tree seeds in here for Farming, but also rings and bird eggs.

Picture Level Name Xp Location Log
005 normale-boom 1 Tree, Evergreen, Dead tree 525 Almost everywhere 014 logs
006 oak 15 Oak 787 Almost everywhere, but less common then normal trees. There are 4 Oak trees nearby each other in the south-west of the draynor loadstone teleport and there are some in the west of Catherby. 015 oak-logs
007 willow 30 Willow 1,418 Always nearby water. You can cut them for example nearby the bank in draynor or nearby the general store in Lumbridge. You can also cut logs in Rimmington, Catherby, Barbarian Assault or south of the south-east bank in Arbougne. 016 willow-logs
009 maple 45 Maple 2,100 Around Seers' Village. best location is North of the bank there. 019 maple-logs
011 yew 60 Yew 3,675 There are 3 Yew tree around Varrock Castle. There's also a good spot in Catherby with 6 Yew trees close to the bank, 3 Yew trees nearby the bank in the middle of the Gnome Stronghold, 2 south of Edgeville, 4 between Lumbridge, Draynor and 4 in the west of Rimmington and one on the graveyard of Lumbridge. 021 yew-logs
012 ivy 68 Ivy 6,982 Northern wall and south-eastern wall of the Varrock castle, Northern wall and southern wall of Falador, Eastern wall of the church in Ardougne, Northern wall of the wall in Yanille, Southern wall of Castle Wars and nearby the hot airballoon southern of Taverly. None, but you still get bird nests .
013 magic 75 Magic 5,250 Sorcerer's Tower, Nearby the Ranged Guild, Gnome stronghold, Mage Training arena and in the south-west of Lletya, outside the town. 022 magic-logs


There are different methods advised on the page following page that you can use to train Woodcutting on a quick and efficient way.

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