Voting Edit

Voting for CorruptionX is something a player can do once every 12 hours, Doing so will go towards raising the servers rank on various top-list sites, the more votes we receive the easier it will become for potential new players to recognize CX.

Voting once per 12 hours will also be very beneficial for you, the players, upon voting (190,000 points or more) you'll receive various boosts and rewards which shall be explained below!

How to Vote Edit

To vote for CorruptionX you must firstly go to our website and follow the links to the voting page. Alternatively you'll be able to get straight to the voting page by using the command ::Claim in-game.

Once on theCorruptionX voting page you'll see 5 top-list voting links that shall direct you to each individual voting page, the available pages and the amount of voting points you'll receive for voting on the sites are displayed below.

Once you've voted on any or all sites you should return to the CorruptionX vote page and click the claim button, Once you've done this you'll be prompted to enter your In-game username in the box that has appeared, once you've done this click claim once again. (you must be logged In-game to claim your vote)

Once you've clicked claim a message will appear in the In-game chatbox confirming your vote was successful.

Rewards & boosts Edit

After players vote they'll automatically have 'trading sticks' added to their banks In-game (1 stick per vote point)

Trading sticks are used as voting currency and can be exchanged for coins (1 gp per stick) or Squeal of Fortune spins (1 spin per 50,000 sticks) alternatively a player can sell these sticks in the Grand Exchange to other players!

If a player claims a vote worth 190,000 points or more they'll receive a 25% Bonus XP and drop rate boost for the next 12 hours, after this expires players shall be able to repeat the process and vote again.