Vengeance is a lunar spell that rebounds 75% of the damage of

A player casting vengeance

the next hit back to their opponent, similar to a ring of recoil. The player will say "Taste vengeance!" when it is activated. Players may only cast vengeance once every 30 seconds. A few monsters are immune to it. Vengeance won't be used on poison/disease hits, and also do not count towards smite drains if used in pvp.

Vengeance in PvP Edit

This spell is very popular when player killing, especially when an opponent is using hard hitting weapons such as a Godsword or Dharok's because it is possible to rebound large amounts of damage back. Players sometimes remove their armour so their opponent will inflict more damage and thus rebounding a greater hit on the enemy with vengeance. However, a way to counter vengeance is to simply strike the player with a lower-hitting weapon to minimise the full potential of this spell, but this method is quite impractical for dangerous PvP situations.

Spell Requirements Edit

In order to case the 'Vengeance' spell you must be using the lunars spellbook, the spell itself requires you have a minimum of 40 defence and 94 magic, using the following runes per cast: 2 Death runes 4 Astral runes 10 Earth runes 


The runes required to cast vengeance

How to aquire the lunars spellbook Edit

Swapping over to the lunars spellbook is simple, you may do this by either of the following: 

  1. Teleport to Lunar isle via loadstone and run towards the astral altar on the island
  2. As a donator you may use the command ::donatorzone or ::dz and use the astral altar here
  3. On world 2 you may use the command: ::spellbook 2 ::lunars or ::veng