Vengaence is hte rchst and mst vertsle plyer in the hole off crrptionx. he has hte ablitty to revrse hemslf form eny pnshmant.


Vengaence is knwn to be incrdibely stipud and yung. he is 11 yerz of old nd he hs sme mantel prblam. he lieks to be vry anying by sying tipcal stuf (veiw qutes). 

he mked nw niknams fr mny ppel. 










"ahahahaha stipud mod "(Name here)" ahahahahaha"  (see names above)

"mod hlep pls"

"ahahaha stipud mod no hlep ahahaha"


"mutt" (Name here) "pls ahahahahaha"

"lahahha pls hlep mod or u get demtted ahahhahahaa stipud mod (insert name)"

"ahaha no fleming ahahahahah"

"ahahah mod reprot he fleme me ahahahahah"

"hlep paxel cmalpreftw fleme me ahhaah mod hlep ahahahhaha"

"Ahahah stipud woner DdK ahaha"


ahahaha stipud mod cryn ahhaha