Answering ticket

A staff member answering a ticket.

The ticket system is a very useful tool that can be used to help you communicate with the staff team and help them to answer your questions.

How it worksEdit

The ticket system can be used by any player in-game. To submit a ticket you must talk to the Oracle of Dawn NPC located at home, and choose the ticket option. Once the ticket has been submitted an online staff member will answer your ticket, usually immediately. If they're busy with something or answering some other tickets it may take a few minutes, so there's no need to get anxious if it's not answered immediately. When it is answered you will be teleported to the staff member's location and you can then ask them your question. Once your question is answered the staff member will send you back to Edgeville so you can continue on with what you were doing.

When to submit a ticketEdit

You should only submit a ticket when you have a serious question that only a staff member may have the answer to. If it's a simple question, chances are that one of the other players in-game might be able to answer your question quicker than the busy staffmembers. 

Before submitting a ticketEdit

Before submitting a ticket it's recommended that you have a quick glance throughout the forums or the wiki or even ask another player, because chances are, someone else has also had the same question that you have had and it has been answered on the forums/wiki or another player has the answer to it, which may save you a bit of time.