Pickpocketing man in cxmx.

Thieving is fairly easy skill because you don't need any items and equipment. It can be started as soon as you start the game and will not take a lot of time to max.

It is also useful if you want to get some gems, these can be stolen from gems stall in Ardougne.

Check out the XP Table by scrolling down before you begin Thieving, it will help you max faster.

Getting StartedEdit

Since you don't need any items or equipment you can start by simply walking to a house next to Edgeville Bank that is full of men and begin your crime spree until you reach Thieving level 10.

Levels 10 - 20Edit


Pickpocketing farmer in cxmx.

Once you have Thieving level 10 you can move on to pickpocketing farmers that give 290xp every time you sucessfuly pickpocket. Farmers are located in Lumbridge next to cow field in a chicken farm.

You don't have to go and pickpocket farmers, you can continue pickpocketing man until Thieving level 20 however man give you 160xp every sucessful pickpocket.

- To get to Lumbridge use Lodestone Network.

Level 20 - 40Edit


Stealing from silk stall in cxmx.


Map showing teleport and silk stalls area.

From level 20 - 40 you will need to steal from silk stalls in Ardougne.

Map on the right shows you how to get to silk stalls, simply use Lodestone Network to teleport to Ardougne and follow the map.

Each sucessful steal equals 480xp.

Watch out for nearby Guards that might attack you for stealing from stalls. Each time you get higher level be sure to steal from other stalls aswel until Thieving level 40.

Level 40 to 55 Edit


Pickpocketing guard in cxmx.

Pickpocket guards from level 40 - 55,

you can lure them by attacking and running into a building. Then you simply go up the stairs and back down so they won't leave and to stop the attacking you. Useful if you don't want to always follow the guard.

Level 55 - 65 Edit


Pickpocketing lured knight of ardougne in cxmx.

Pickpocket Knight of Ardougne from 55 - 65, use the same lure method as above to get the knight to a house so you won't have to move around as much.

Be sure to have some food with you, every failed attempt to pickpocket means you will be hit 30 hp off.

If you don't want to spend money on food simply go and steal from baker stalls.

Watch your Health bar!

CorruptionX Sorcerer's Maze

CorruptionX Sorcerer's Maze

Level 65 to 90 (or 99) Edit

At level 65, I'd recomend playing the Sorcerer's Garden Minigame, and doing the Summer course. Make all fruits you get into Summer juice and bring them to Osman, and he will reward you with good xp. Each summer sqirk juice will give you 60k Thieving xp.

Watch this video on how to do sorcerer's Garden. (Credits to Mustafa)

Level 90 to 99 Edit


From level 90 to 99, You will be pickpocketing Dwarf traders, They can be found at the top floor of the palace in Keldagrim.

Get to Keldagrim with the Oracle of Dawn, in City Teleports.

Go to the top floor of the Palace and pickpocket the traders until you're 99.

Basic XP TableEdit

All stalls listed here can be found at Ardougne. XP table information by Darkzside.

Required Level Pickpocket/Steal XP (Normal) XP+ (Boost) Location
1 Man 160 xp 461 xp Edgeville
5 Baker Stall 320 xp 921 xp Ardougne
10 Farmer 290 xp 834 xp Lumbridge Farm
20 Silk Stall 480 xp 1,381 xp Ardougne
35 Fur Stall 720 xp 2,027 xp Ardougne
40 Guard 930 xp 2,676 xp Any City/Ardougne
55 Knight of Ardougne 1,686 xp 4,852 xp Ardougne
65 Spice Stall 1,620 xp 4,662 xp Ardougne
70 Paladin 3,035 xp 7,709 xp


80 Hero 5,500 xp 6,875 xp Ardougne
90 Dwarf Trader 11,130 xp 13,913 xp Keldagrim


Not all man can be pickpocketed around cxmx yet. For example at Lumbridge.

Stealing from food stalls gives you cakes and other food which can be useful if you're a low level.

To steal gems from gem stalls you need 75 Thieving.

As soon as you get Thieving level 5 you can skip farmer and go steal from baker stalls in Ardougne where you will get 320xp.

The Dwarf Traders can give you a decent amount of ores and bars that comes in handy for the smithing skill.

Forum GuideEdit

This Guide can be found on forums by clicking this link:

In the spawn server, spawining item 10894 and giving it to Osman in Al Kharid will give you massive amounts of thieving xp at any level.