The Squeal of Fortune was implemented on CorruptionX/Matrix on 27 March 2013.

Squeal of FortuneEdit

Squeal of Fortune Control Panel

Players activate the wheel by clicking the green button a single time, which will show the graphics of the wheel spinning and stopping; they may press it again at any moment to instantly stop the wheel and produce a prize. There are two speeds at which the player may spin, both below the green button, that allow the player to spin one at a time (×1). When the wheel stops, the player is presented with their prize which they may either claim, convert to coins, or (in the case of winning cash bags and double spin tickets) discard.

Note that the wheel's graphics do not necessarily reflect the odds of the wheel stopping on a particular slot. The chance of obtaining a super-rare item is significantly less than the 3 in 10 chance the wheel suggests.

The Squeal of Fortune on CorruptionX/MatrixEdit

Only the real lucky ones are able to get a very nice reward from the Squeal of Fortune, very few have gotten it so far.

The rewards vary between a Sardine and 1000m (1 Billion) cash; sardines, buckets, runes, coins (10m, 50m, 100m, 250m, 500m and 1000m).

The middle slot is always reserved for the super-rare reward, you have the odds of 0.01% to get that reward, so good luck!

Obtaining spinsEdit

Spins are also randomly given away by several coders and Bo, the owner, if not after reaching a certain amount of votes/day.

A large variety of monsters around CX/MX also drop spin tickets, loot them and click on them in order to get spins.

you get a spin added automatically to your spins when you kill a player in a dangerous place.

You may also buy spin tickets from the second voting shop for 100000 runecrafting guild tokens.

You can also buy spins via the donation system.

Another method of effectively gaining a large amount of spins is by killing Flesh Crawlers on the second level on the Stronghold of Security.