The sawmill minigame is located north-east of varrock. To do the minigame you need a saw which can be obtained form Oracle > Shops > More > Skilling Items 1 or by buying it form the sawmill operator. It is currently, the most efficient way to obtain 99 woodcutting.

Travel from edgeville or from varrock lodestone.

How to get to sawmill


Getting a Job Edit

Job Notice Board png

At the Sawmill, the player has to enter in the door on the far right of the Sawmill operator and they will find themselves in a small room and enter the next door. Take one of the jobs. Inside the play area, there is a notice sheet of jobs to the left of the door (it may be hard to see at first).

When looked at, the player can choose between two jobs, a quick job, or a large job. The bulk of experience comes at the completion of the job. The amount of experience gained at the end of a job increases with each level gained.

  • Quick jobs are faster, but give relatively less experience.
  • Large jobs, however, are slower, but give much more experience.

Sawmill job board

The amount of planks needed is shown in a small box at the top left corner of the screen when selecting a job and after choosing one.

Doing the jobEdit

First off, the player needs to take logs from the stack of logs from the west of the job area, and place them into the conveyor belt hopper, where each log is turned into two planks. A maximum of 63 logs can be placed in the hopper at any one time, meaning that the plank tray can hold up to 126 planks at once. A full inventory can be withdrawn with one click (but takes a little time). A large task requires a minimum of 115 planks - with spoilage 126 planks are unlikely to be enough.

At the workbenches, cut the planks into the desired types of planks to fulfill your order. Note that making some plank types may be failed. The harder ones have the higher chance of failing. Your cut planks will be teleported to the cart, so your inventory is empty to cut more.


Finishing your job

Right click on the Overseer and select Finish job. Confirm that you want all your planks to be sent You will earn a bonus after successfully completing a task. After the Overseer thanks you, you can select a new job and work on it.