There are several items which require some skills and a bit of cash to obtain; they can neither be traded or dropped. This is a guide on how to get them, and the pre-requisites of obtaining these items.

Enhanced_excalibur.png Excaliburs

Excalibur.png     Normal: There are no requirements for this sword, anyone can wear it.

Enhanced_excalibur.png Enhanced: The requirements for this sword are:

- 36 18px-Agility-icon.png Agility
- 80 17px-Cooking-icon.png Cooking Cooking
- 10 21px-Crafting-icon.png Crafting
- 70 18px-Defence-icon.png Defence
- 75 18px-Firemaking-icon.png Firemaking
- 76 21px-Fishing-icon.png Fishing
- 85 21px-Fletching-icon.png Fletching
- 92 21px-Herblore-icon.png Herblore
- 83 21px-Magic-icon.png Magic
- 60 21px-Mining-icon.png Mining
- 40 21px-Ranged-icon.png Ranged
- 73 21px-Smithing-icon.png Smithing
- 22 16px-Strength-icon.png Strength
- 70 Prayer-icon.png Prayer
- 60 18px-Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting

Note: You must destroy your normal Excaliburs before you can receive enhanced ones.

This sword is sold by Lady of the Lake in Taverly. You can get to her via Falador/Taverly loadstone.


Heroes' guild

Entering the Heroes' Guild requires completion of the Heroes' Quest. This is beneficial because you can recharge amulets of glory and access the shop;

- 53 17px-Cooking-icon.png Cooking
- 53 21px-Fishing-icon.png Fishing
- 25 21px-Herblore-icon.png Herblore
- 50 21px-Mining-icon.png Mining

You can get to the Heroes' Guild via Burthrope/Taverly loadstone.

Legends' Guild

At the Legends' Guild you can do clues, access various shops, or chill (who knows) :D

To access the Heroes' Guild, you need to have the Heroes' Quest requirements. The same thing goes for the Legends' Guild and Legends' Quest requirements. They are:

- 50 18px-Agility-icon.png Agility
- 50 21px-Crafting-icon.png Crafting
- 45 21px-Herblore-icon.png Herblore
- 56 21px-Magic-icon.png Magic
- 52 21px-Mining-icon.png Mining
- 42 Prayer-icon.png Prayer
- 50 21px-Smithing-icon.png Smithing
- 50 16px-Strength-icon.png Strength
- 50 21px-Thieving-icon.png Thieving
- 50 18px-Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting

You can reach the Legends' Guild by using the 'BLR' code on a Fairy ring.

Korasi%27s_sword.png Korasi's Sword

There is another guide on the wiki for Korasi's Sword. To visit it, click on the link on the homepage or follow this link

Korasi's Sword is obtained upon the completion of 'The Void Stares back' quest, and the requirements are:

- 78 21px-Attack-icon.png Attack
- 70 21px-Construction-icon Construction
- 70 21px-Crafting-icon.png Crafting
- 25 18px-Defence-icon.png Defence
- 71 18px-Firemaking-icon.png Firemaking
- 80 21px-Magic-icon.png Magic
- 70 21px-Smithing-icon.png Smithing
- 78 16px-Strength-icon.png Strength
- 55 19px-Summoning-icon.png Summoning

You can go to the Void Island to grab your Korasi. Head to Port Sarim and talk to the Squire on the port, or use an Oracle of Dawn minigames teleport to Pest Control.

Talk to Captain Tyr to claim your Korasi for 500,000 gold pieces.

Elemental_shield.png Elemental Gear

The gear can be obtained after completing "Elemental workshop part 1". The requirements are:

- 20 21px-Crafting-icon.png Crafting
- 20 21px-Mining-icon.png Mining
- 20 21px-Smithing-icon.png Smithing

Walk into the building with the smithing icon and enter the "broken" wall. Climb down and 'open well' to see the shop.

Family_gauntlets.png Family Crest Gauntlets

There are three gloves: goldsmith, cooking and chaos.
The requirements are:

- 40 21px-Crafting-icon.png Crafting
- 59 21px-Magic-icon.png Magic
- 40 21px-Mining-icon.png Mining
- 40 21px-Smithing-icon.png Smithing

Effects of the gloves:

Cooking - These gloves reduce the level at which you stop burning various fish.

Fish ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­No Gauntlets ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ ­ ­­Gauntlets
Crayfish              32                  N/A
Shrimps              34                  N/A
Sardine               38                  N/A
Anchovies           34                  N/A
Herring                39                  N/A
Mackerel             45                 N/A
Trout                    50                  48
Cod                     41                  N/A
Pike                     52                 N/A
Salmon                57                 N/A
Tuna                    65                   62
Rainbow              60                  N/A
Lobster                74                   68
Bass                    80                   N/A
Swordfish            86                  81
Monkfish             92                  90
Shark                 100                  94
Cavefish             N/A                94
Rocktail              N/A                95

Goldsmith - Roughly doubles exp while smelting or turning gold ore into gold bars. This proves to be one of the fastest ways of getting 99 smithing on the server.

Chaos Gauntlets - Supposed to increase the damage of bolt spells.

To claim these gloves for free: home teleport to Varrock, head east of the rune shop, and talk to Dimintheis.


Dramen_staff.png Dramen Staff

The dramen staff is utilized to navigate around the map using fairy rings.


- 36 Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting

First, you will need a bronze hatchet. Buy one at the Oracle of Dawn, and add it to your toolbelt. Proceed by using the home teleport to Port Sarim, and follow the path shown in the image. When you arrive to Entrana, use the other image to see where to go next.Capture1


Finally, run through the cave (only one direction) and enter the tree room, and cut the tree. A tree spirit will appear, whom will be easy to kill. Once you kill it, you will be able to cut the dramen tree for its branches. You can finally craft these branches into the dramen staff.

Lunar_staff.png Lunar Staff

The lunar staff is a magic weapon which can also be used to navigate the fairy rings, just as the dramen staff above.



- 61 21px-Crafting-icon.png Crafting
- 40 18px-Defence-icon.png Defence
- 49 18px-Firemaking-icon.png Firemaking
- 5 21px-Herblore-icon.png Herblore
- 60 21px-Mining-icon.png Mining
- 65 21px-Magic-icon.png Magic
- 14 Runecrafting-icon.png Runecrafting
- 55 18px-Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting

Once you have these requirements, home teleport to Lunar Isle and follow the path in the image.Capture5

Here, you should find an NPC named "Oneiromancer". Talk to her to buy the staff.

Prayer-icon.png Piety

Skill requirements:

- 70 18px-Defence-icon.png Defence
- 45 21px-Magic-icon.png Magic
- 70 Prayer-icon.png Prayer

The magic is the requirement for the "King's Ransom" quest and the defence and prayer are for the prayer itself.

Proselyte hauberk
Proselyte Armour

The skill requirements listed below, along with a Defence level of 30 and a Prayer level of 20 are required to wear this armour. It has the same stats as its adamant armour counterpart, except for the Prayer bonus.

180px-Tiffy on bench

Requirements :

- 30 21px-Crafting-icon.png Crafting
- 30 Runecrafting-icon.png Runecrafting
- 30 19px-Slayer-icon.png Slayer
- 30 21px-Thieving-icon.png Thieving

You can buy the armour at Sir Tiffy Cashien on the bench at the Falador Park.  

Culinaromancer's gloves 10 Culinaromancer's Gloves

The Culinaromancer's gloves are the usual go-to gloves for all combat styles, as they are easy to obtain and give great stats to every single style. These are some of the best combat gloves for players of all levels. You will need the requirements listed below. 


- 48 18px-Agility-icon.png Agility
- 70 17px-Cooking-icon.png Cooking
- 50 21px-Crafting-icon.png Crafting
- 50 18px-Firemaking-icon.png Firemaking
- 53 21px-Fishing-icon.png Fishing
- 10 21px-Fletching-icon.png Fletching
- 45 21px-Herblore-icon.png Herblore
- 59 21px-Magic-icon.png Magic
- 52 21px-Mining-icon.png Mining
- 40 21px-Ranged-icon.png Ranged
- 10 19px-Slayer-icon.png Slayer
- 40 21px-Smithing-icon.png Smithing
- 53 21px-Thieving-icon.png Thieving
- 50 18px-Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting

The gloves also have defence level requirements.

Basic: 1 18px-Defence-icon.png
Bronze: 1 18px-Defence-icon.png
Iron: 1 18px-Defence-icon.png
Steel: 1 18px-Defence-icon.png
Black: 1 18px-Defence-icon.png
Mithril: 1 18px-Defence-icon.png
Adamant: 1 18px-Defence-icon.png
Rune: 13 18px-Defence-icon.png
Dragon: 35 18px-Defence-icon.png
Barrows: 35 18px-Defence-icon.png

Gloves of each tier can be bought from the chest in the basement of Lumbridge castle.

The basement can be accessed by using the trapdoor in the kitchen.

Barrows gloves can also be bought from the Oracle of Dawn in Edgeville.

Overall Quest Requirements

For all of the above quest items you will need to meet the requirements below.

Total level: 1376
21px-Attack-icon.png 78 Constitution-icon.png 1 Mining-icon.png 60
Strength-icon.png 78 18px-Agility-icon.png 50 Smithing-icon.png 73
Defence-icon.png 70 Herblore-icon.png 92 Fishing-icon.png 80
Ranged-icon.png 40 Thieving-icon.png 53 Cooking-icon.png 70
Prayer-icon.png 70 Crafting-icon.png 70 Firemaking-icon.png 75
Magic-icon.png 83 Fletching-icon.png 85 Woodcutting-icon.png 60
Runecrafting-icon.png 30 Slayer-icon.png 30 Farming-icon.png 1
Construction-icon.png 70 Hunter-icon.png 1 Summoning-icon.png 55
Dungeoneering-icon.png 1


If it hasn't been clear enough, you don't physically have to complete the quests to get the items; rather, having the requirements is all that is needed.

As the server becomes more advanced, more items will be added and the guide will be edited to reflect these changes.