Pumpkins are being dropped at the moment in CorruptionX.

Pumpkins will randomly spawn all over the world (corruptionx) 64 tiles from any player online making it easier to find.

  • A new one will be spawned every 1 minute.
  • Old pumpkins won't be deleted as a new ones spawn.
  • They can only be found on ground floor, so don't wa
    100px-Pumpkin Detail
    ste your time looking upstairs or in cellars.
  • They can be found in Wilderness.
  • In total, 12960 Pumpkins will be spawned(over a period of 9 days).
  • When you eat a pumpkin it will heal 140hp and you'll become a NPC for 5 minutes.


The pumpkins will stop spawning after 9 days from the start of the dropping (26/10/2013).

Made by Popolata Man.