Corruption X is a huge eco server with many items that get traded around daily. To keep track of the many items that get traded daily is a great hassle for many players old or new. Which is why the Price Guide was created. To help find the most accurate prices. The Price Guide will help you tell how much what is worth and it is updated as soon as anything is updated.

Price GuideEdit

The Price Guide can be visited by visiting: Corruption X Price Guide .

How to HelpEdit

Helping finding the prices is as easy as just putting a single post. To add, change or update any items or prices visit the forum post and comment.

The forum post can be found here :  Price Guide.

See MoreEdit

The Price Guide was created by Hab-Harley , Im Peachy , Moeen , and Sir Prayalot

It updates as soon as an edit occurs. Also Screenshots are updated weekly.

Corruption X Price Guide

Price Guide