Prayer is a combat skill that may grant he or she a buff in combat. All players start with limited access to the Prayer skill. As a player advances their Prayer level , they gain access to new prayers. It allows players to pray for assistance in combat, such as, stat boosts and immunity from attacks. Effects last until the player runs out of prayer points, or a player turns their prayers off. Can also be used to repair or bless Gravestones. With a higher level a player can also wear Spirit Shields, including the Blessed variations.
Types of bones Xp. Notes
Bones 2100 A very common bone to see,  most of the npcs in corruptionx drop it.
Wolf Bones 2100 Wolves on white wolf mountain drop these always, you can also buy them from summoning shop.
Big Bones 4200 All giants(like cyclops) and other large monsters.
  Ourg Bones 15750 General Graardor.
Dragon Bones 10500 Dragons.
Dagannoth Bones 13650

Dagannoth Sentinels.

How to train Prayer

There are two ways to train prayer. One is just burying the bones, but the more efficient way is to use them on a gilded altar. A gilded altar boosts the exp of each bone by 100%

Lit Gilded Altar

Dragon Bones

Experience per bone: 10080 xp = 1294 Dragon bones for 99 prayer.

Experience per bone with vote boost: 12600 xp = Dragon bones 1035 bones for 99 prayer.

Experience per bone with BXP+VB : 36 000 xp = 362 Dragon bones for 99 prayer.


All experience rates are based on Hard mode, to find out the xp rates for medium or easy multiply the experience rates listed by :


X 2.1 (Roughly)


X 5

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