Information & Requirements

In this guide, you will learn how to make potion flasks from scratch! They have quite a bit of requirements, but are useful aswell. They work just like vials, except instead of a maximum of (4) doses, flasks have a maximum of (6) doses. The requirements are as follows:

- 89 Crafting-icon.png Crafting

- 81 Mining-icon.png Mining

- 51 Firemaking-icon.png Firemaking

- 58 Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting

- 41 Hunter-icon.png Hunter

Recommended Stats (For efficiency, not needed)

- 96 Summoning-icon.png Summoning (To utilise Pack Yaks as a more efficient method of making flasks)

- 99 Mining-icon.png Mining (To mine the sandstone faster)

- 28 Agility-icon.png Agility (To utilise the shortcut, and make the run a lot less time consuming)

Obtaining Red Sandstone

Start by getting a ring of duelling. One can be bought from the Oracle of Dawn shops (Rings, Amulets & Gloves). Rub the ring, and select the option Mobilising Armies. From there, follow this map.


Banking Route

From the red sandstone rock, follow the red line to efficiently bank the stones. If you do not have the corresponding agility level, you will have to run around and back into the city, which is a big time consumer. Pic

Robust Glass

Using the red sandstone you just mined, use it on the robust glass machine (In blue on the bank route picture). Right click on the machine and select fill. This will turn all your sandstones into robust glass.


Glassblowing Pipe/Constructing the Flasks

The next and final step is to obtain a glassblowing pipe, in which you can finally turn your robust glass into flasks. Home teleport/Loadstone to catherby and follow the path to the shop that holds the pipes. Pic2

The shop is the charter shop, and when you buy 1, add it to your toolbelt. Now, just right click the robust glass, and select the option "Make All". You now have flasks! :D


If some of the requirements is not reached, there is a possibility you wont be able to see the robust glass machine in its entirety. Therefore, atleast have the minimum requirements before attempting to make flasks