An Overload is a combat-boosting potion which can be crafted at 96 herblore. This potions bootst your stats(when you're 99) atk-125 str-125 def-125 mage-106 range-122.

Overload detail

Overload (4)

When you drink an overload dose your lifepoints get drained by 500. This dose lasts 5 minutes. When your stats get drained within the 5 minutes your overload will automaticly restore them to the maximum boost this makes them very good to use together with saradomin brews. After the 5 minutes are over you get you 500 lifepoints back and your stats are back to normal.

Overloads can be traded between players. Therefore this might be a good moneymaking technique however that depends on the price. The price of Overloads are around 100k per dose.

How to make an OverloadEdit

This is is how to make an overload. 

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