The Oracle of Dawn is an NPC that can be found standing just north of Edgeville bank and also at the Grand
Oracle of dawn

The Oracle of Dawn

Exchange. The Oracle is undoubtedly the most important NPC in the game offering various services such as teleports, shops, account management, information and links.


The Oracle offers teleports to many important locations
Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 11.40.26 PM

Teleports section of the Oracle of Dawn

across the server. The categories of teleports offered are as follows.
  • Dungeoneering
  • Event (if one is running)
  • Starting town
  • Safe PvP
  • Beginner training locations
  • Cities and Towns
  • Dungeons and PvM locations
  • Minigames
  • Others


The Oracle offers a wide range of shops for you to buy and sell items to and from.

These shops are as follows.

  • General store
  • Vote Rewards
  • Weapons
  • Armour
  • Food and Potions
  • Runes and Ammo
  • Rings, Amulets and Gloves
  • Capes, Quests and Summoning items
  • Skilling items
  • Herblore secondaries
  • Vote rewards

Account and Character ManagementEdit

The Oracle also offers important account and character management settings for you if needed. He offers the
Account mgmt

Account and Character Management section of the Oracle of Dawn

ability to:
  • Change password
  • Authenticate forum account
  • Change display name (Donator+)
  • Switch to old item graphics
  • Set your title
  • Lock XP gain
  • Hide yell channel
  • Set yell colour (Extreme Donator+)
  • Set baby troll name
  • Redesign character (Extreme Donator+)

Informations and LinksEdit

You can also find many links to different pages throughout the forums and the wiki by talking to the Oracle, such as the forums, the wiki, Beginners guide, vote page and donations page.

Submit a TicketEdit

If you still find yourself in need of some help after speaking with the Oracle, there is also a Submit a Ticket button
Main menu

The Main Menu of the Oracle of Dawn

that will allow you to be teleported to a staff member to receive further help.