Mining can be used to obtain ores and gems from rocks. As your Mining level becomes progressively higher, you unlock new types of ore to mine and you find yourself mining them faster.

1.1 What you'll needEdit

To begin, you'll want to head over to the Oracle located in Edgeville. He sells some these picks for fairly cheap. Higher level axes, like Rune and Dragon, allow you to gain more exp faster. So, it's recommended to buy Bronze, Rune, and Dragon to be used at their respective levels.

The various types of pickaxes.
Pickaxe Mining level Attack level
Bronze 1 1
Iron 1 10
Steel 6 20
Mithril 21 30
Adamant 31 40
Rune 41 50
Dragon 61 60

1.2 Getting ThereEdit

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Click on your home teleport spell in your spellbook, and teleport to Falador, the shield with a star. The video below will show you how to get to the mine, or you can just look on your map.

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Once inside, mine Tin Ore until you're level 5. Tin Ore gives 300 experience.

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After that, mine Copper ore until your mining is level 25. Mining Copper gives 350 experience.

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After reaching level 40, start mining Iron Ore. Each ore will provide 700 experience.

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Alternatively, you could mine Sandstone or

Granite at the Quarry, until you reach level 77 Mining. Get there by Home teleporting to Bandit Camp via the Lodestone Network and walking from there.

You can drop the sandstone you mine because it is fairly useless. However, you can use the granite for summoning.

Once you reach level 77 Mining, you're going to head to the Living Rock Caverns.

Mining in living rock caverns is a very good method for levels 77-99 and will allow you to get Gold Ore, which can be sold for good money, ore used for fast smithing xp. However, Living Rock Creatures will attack you within the area. It is recomended to bring good prayer boosting gear, some prayer pots and maybe 1 or 2 pieces of food. There is a nearby deposit box to bank your ores.Home teleport to Edgeville using the lodestone network. Once you're there, walk to the Dwarven Mine entrance as shown on the map. Go down the ladder, and once you are in the Dwarven mines, Simply go south a few steps and the rope to climb down should be right there, on the left. [7]How to get to living rock cavernsAdded by Rainy Cx

From 77-80, you're going to mine the concentrated coal deposits

From 80-99, you're going to mine the concentrated gold deposits.