Lost City
335px-Lost City
Difficulty Medium

The Lost City Quest is required to use the Fairy Rings, as a Dramen Staff is needed before you can use them.This Subquest has you traveling to Entrana, andbattling a level 90 spirit, before you can obtain the staff.


36 Woodcutting

31 Crafting

1,000 gp

The ability to kill a level 90 spirit on your own, with no weapons.

Getting thereEdit

Before starting, you will need to have a bronze hatchet placed within your Tool Belt.

From there, you may use either the home teleport system, or the Oracle, and teleport to Port Sarim. from there, head North east

WARNING: you may not take any weapons on the boat, including runes.

Now that you're on Entrana, head northeast to the other side of the islands, then head west, until you reach a dungeon entrance.

The DungeonEdit

WARNING: This is a dangerous area, and it is easily possible to die here.
180px-Entrana dungeon

From where you start, run Through the Greater Demon and Skeleton areas,

and you will get to the tree. The greater demons will attack you, but it is recommended to save your prayer until later, as they will not hit high enough to cause problems.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming battle, and attempt to cut the tree.

The BattleEdit

61px-Tree spirit

As you attempt to cut the tree, a Tree spirit will come out and attack you. It is recommended to protect from melee da mage, as the spirit will only attack with melee. Once finished, you may begin to cut the tree again, as  the spirit will never appear after that. It is recommended to cut a few, to ensure you don't have to return. Then, simply use the Home Teleport to escape, and use a knife on the branches you've cut to make Dramen Staves.


  • Dramen staffDramen Staff
  • Access to Fairy Rings (as long as the staff is equipped)

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