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Armadyl is one of the easiest bosses to solo on CorruptionX and is a great way to for starters to make cash.

Reccomended Stats-




At the hand of the new updates, the following killcount is required to access the boss rooms.

9 kills - Extreme

10 kills - Regular Donator

15 kills - Non-Donator/Normal player

Getting thereEdit

While gearing up, make sure you have gear such as saradomin cape, zammy arrows, and any armadyl item. You can get the armadyl item from the GE. If you don't have these items you will get piled and will most likely die. To arrive at God Wars, Talk to the Oracle, click Teleports, then click Dungeons/Pvm, and finally click God Wars.

This will automatically teleport you to the boulder, which you will need to move. (Just click it) Run north towards the rift, melee pray is recommended as there are some wolves that can take some unneccary hp.

Run south-west towards the Armadyl entrance and cross the gap. Proceed by getting killcount.


Will add pictures soon. The only way to kill this boss is Range. I reccomend atleast 80 range before attempting this boss, black d'hide and rune crossbow is all you need to solo a lot of kills. Recommended bolts are Dragon, which you can buy from the Oracle. The lowest you should go is Runite.

The most efficient way to kill Armadyl is to kill the melee minion first, while keeping range pray on. If you have brought Titan, make sure to use it first on the melee. After the melee is dead, proceed killing the rest in any order as you won't take any damage.

The minions drop a lot of food, it is essiantial to pick up the food so that you can last as long as possible.