Omfg_Rofl holding Korasi sword on CXMX

Korasi's sword is an untradeable weapon that can only be obtained from Commander Tyr.

Getting StartedEdit

This Guide only shows you how to get Korasi's Sword, refer to other guides for skills.

To buy this sword from Commander Tyr is no easy task, it will require a lot of time due to the requirements. You need to have following skills to be able to buy the Korasi Sword. You will also need 500,000 (500k) Coins.

Skill Level
Summoning 55
Smithing 70
Crafting 70
Attack 78
Strength 78
Magic 80
Defence 25


Construction 70

Once you have the required skills click on your mage tab and click the first icon which will open your Lodestone Network.  Next click the Port Sarim icon to teleport there.



Path to Commodore Tyr and Bank


Map showing path to Void Knight

This Map on the Left shows you where to go once at Port Sarim. You will have to talk to the Void Knight and go to Pest Control.

Also if you forgot to take 500,000 Coins there is a bank in the middle of the island.

To purchase it, go to Commander Tyr. His location is shown on map to the Right.

You cannot buy Korasi's sword at The Oracle, in the Quest items shop anymore as it was removed from the shop. It's only obtainable now by speaking to Commander Tyr and purchasing it for 500,000 Coins

Stats of the Korasi's sword.


Korasi's Sword Stats

KorasiSpec CXMX

Korasi Spec in CXMX with Omfg_Rofl.

                                                                                                                      Korasi's Sword Special Attack.

Korasi Sword also has a very powerful special attack which uses 60% of your special attack bar, and since the update on 2/2/14, Korasi's sword spec damage is now divided for each target after main target in multi areas. Stated By Dragonkk, one of the four coders of CorruptionX.

Picture displaying the Korasi Sword special attack.


You require 78 Attack to wield the Korasi's Sword.

All skills stated above are required to buy Korasi's Sword. Refer to neccassary guides for required skills.

Forum GuideEdit

This Guide is availabe on CXMX Forums under Server in Guides section with colour and a nice layout.