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The King Black Dragon is an enormous, three-headed black dragon. He was the second dragon ever created by one of Kerapac's fellow dragonkin. One decade later, he was released, though he is much easier to kill than any of the God Wars generals. 

Getting thereEdit

There are two ways that player's can reach the King Black Dragon's Lair.

640px-King Black Dragon location

The King Black Dragons's Lair location

  • Northwest of the Edgeville lodestone is an Artefact. Activating it teleports the player to the lair.
  • There is a ladder in level 42 of the Wilderness, near the western part of the Lava MazeWilderness Obelisks may be useful in reaching it.

Max melee or ranged gear is recommended, along with one super set, manta rays, antifire, antipoison and prayer restore potions.


The King Black Dragon uses melee when fighting and also uses four different types of dragon breath attack that have fairly devastating effects, which makes him a well-rounded and difficult foe. His dragon breath attacks are:

  • Regular dragonfire. (All adult dragons use this)
  • Shock-like breath that can reduce your stats. It is suggested that you have 75 defence or higher and good magic defence armour. All stats will be lowered by 1 or 2 points. Super restores should be used but are not required.
  • Ice breath that can stop players from moving or attacking.
  • Poison breath that will deal 80 poison damage. You should bring at least 1 anti poison potion if you want to kill him.

All of these breath attacks can deal heavy damage to unprepared players. Unlike other adult dragons, there is no possible way to negate any form of attack except the melee and regular dragonfire. The breaths can deal various damage, though using an Anti-dragon shield and a dose of Antifire or Super antifire will take the damage from the special breaths down to 100. The attack also has a chance to do its special ability.

Suggestions for fightingEdit

Melee: Before entering the Dragon's lair it is a good idea to drink any potions, especially your antifire potions as you will almost certainly be attacked by long-ranged dragonfire upon entering the lair. Once in the lair, activate your melee prayers and run over to the Dragon. The only damage one will take is from the dragonfire attacks which cannot be blocked, however players with soul split should be able to maintain their health. Without soul split a Unicorn stallion combined with Enhanced Excalibur and some food should maintain one's health. Lower levelled players will find it more effective to bring a beast of burden full of supplies.

Ranged: The recommed method is to use prayer. Instead of attacking the Dragon from afar, attack it from within melee range and use melee protection prayers. This encourages the Dragon to use his melee attacks, thus reducing the number of un-blockable attacks you are subject to.


Written by Purno.