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In this small guide i will be showing how you can get some nice stats, a way to make money and a few tips and tricks. i hope you enjoy this guide is for anyone, so if you already have the levels required skip ahead

starting afreshEdit

what you want to do here is get your started gear. i reccomend you vote on all links except the last one (if you dont play w2 you can vote on that one) this will give you a nice ammount of vote tokens you can sell. this can get you everything you need, here is a list: Bronze axe, Rune axe, Dragon axe, Bronze pickaxe, Rune pickaxe, Dragon pickaxe, Hammer, Knife, Tinderbox and any other supplies you need.

it would also be good to start stockpiling you're supplies such as: Ranged gear, Melee gear and Mage gear

The guide!Edit

Starting out. The best thing to do here, is go to Varrock and mine 14 Tin ore and 14 Copper ore then smelt them into Bronze bars and make Bronze bolts and one pair of Bronze limbs. After you have done this cut some trees and make Arrow shafts upto the level you can make a Wooden stock, combine the Bronze limbs with the Wooden stock and you should have an Unstrung crossbow. With these steps completed you should go get the levels required to make sinew out of the beef you get from killing cows in Lumbrige and turn it into C'bow string. and combine with unstrung crossbow to make a Bronze crossbow! with your ammo and weapon ready you should go up lumbrige past the cows (stop on the way to kill cows for cowhides and make some leather so you can craft some armour)  to the chicken farm. now kill chickens and pick up the feathers and bones. repeat this until 50 ranging and 50 defence by this time you should have decent prayer level from the bones. you then want to take your best ranging gear and go to the dark mages near the varrock lodestone and grind them for a long time to get alot of cosmic runes. by this time you will have a high Ranged and Defence level and alot of other runes you can stockpile/sell for a quick profit. you should now use some of those runes to boost your magic level up to 68. this should not take too long. now comes the boring bit... for our last stretch you need to get 85 mining 88 smithing  55 crafting and 71 fletching. but after all that you can finaly make your very own Runite bolts and Adamant bolts! and tip them with Dragon stone bolt tips and Diamond bolt tips! (you may need to buy the dragonstones and diamonds) these bolts are very effective in pking and bossing and you can sell them to other players for some money.