Father Aereck in CXMX Lumbridge Church.

are markers of your death spot and help you recover your items that were dropped but with-in a time limit. There is total of 14 different gravestones and each with it's own time limit.

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Getting StartedEdit

You need coins to buy a new gravestone, prices vary and max price is 500,000 (500k) coins.


Small Map showing Father Aerack location and path.

To change your current default gravestone to something better you start by opening your Lodestone Network and teleporting to Lumbridge.

Once at Lumbridge walk down to Chruch and talk to Father Aerack as shown on this map. Green highlight represents teleport, yellow is path and red marks father Aerack's location.

If you forgot to take some coins with you walk up to Lumbridge Castle bank and withdraw some.


Gravestone shop.

Once you start talking with Father Aerack you get 3 choices, pick talk about gravestones, that should open a new window where you'll be able to scroll up and down while browsing through list of gravestones.

You can buy which ever gravestone you want however Royal Dwarwen Gravestone requires you to be Extreme Donator and Angel of Death Gravestone requires you to be a Donator. All other gravestones can be bought as a regular player.


List of different gravestones with prices and time. Information gathered by Savions Sw.

Name Price Time Bought by
Memorial Plaque - 5 Minutes Anyone
Flag 50 Coins 6 Minutes Anyone
Small Gravestone 500 Coins 6 Minutes Anyone
Omate Gravestone 5,000 Coins 8 Minutes Anyone
Font of Life 50,000 Coins 10 Minutes Anyone
Stele 50,000 Coins 10 Minutes Anyone
Symbol of Saradomin 50,000 Coins 10 Minutes Anyone
Symbol of Zamorak 50,000 Coins 10 Minutes Anyone
Symbol of Guthix 50,000 Coins 10 Minutes Anyone
Symbol of Bandos 50,000 Coins 10 Minutes Anyone
Symbol of Armadyl 50,000 Coins 10 Minutes Anyone
Ancient Symbol 50,000 Coins 10 Minutes Anyone
Angel of Death 500,000 Coins 12 Minutes Donator
Royal Dwarven Gravestone 500,000 Coins 15 Minutes Extreme Donator

All gravestones can be blessed which causes the gravestone time to be extended, giving the person who died there more time to recover dropped items. 70 Prayer is necessary to bless gravestones.


Gravestones will only appear if a player dies. (*Excluding the Corporeal Beast cave)

You can't bless your own gravestone, only others can bless yours and you can bless others' gravestones.

It's smart to have the best possible gravestone in case you die and have valuable items.

You will be teleported to the nearest location from your gravestone when you die.

Forum GuideEdit

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Original Guide by Savions Sw .


Screenshots by Savions Sw.