Fletching is one of the longer skills of Corruption X to get 99 in. You will spend a lot of time in making the correct supplies, if you aren't buying these. But Fletching will train really quick once you have all the supplies.


Level 1 - 65Edit

You will start by making arrow shafts. These are the sticks from arrows. Use a knife on a normal log and choose the arrow shafts option. You can buy logs in the Grand Exchange and from players or you can gather them yourself and fletch them immediately. You will make 75 arrow shafts from one normal log. It's also possible to buy arrow shafts from the Grand Exchange and add feathers to them. Adding feathers too arrow shafts gives more xp then making arrow shafts. You can also decide too buy feathers on the Grand Exchange and add them too your own arrow shafts for some more profit.

You will be able to make normal shortbows (u) from level 5. the u stands for unstrung; there is no bowstring on this bow and we won't add these because it is a waste of money / time to get them.

  • Level 1 - 10: Arrow shafts / Headless arrows / Normal shortbows (u).
  • Level 10 - 20: Normal longbows (u).
  • Level 20 - 25: Oak shortbows (u).
  • Level 25-35: Oak longbows (u).
  • Level 35 - 40: Willow shortbows (u).
  • Level 40 - 50: Willow longbows (u).
  • Level 50 - 55: Maple shortbows (u).
  • Level 55 - 65: Maple longbows (u).

Level 65 - 99Edit

You can start making yew shortbows from level 65 Fletching. We will also start fletching these bows because yew logs are quite hard to get. You can highalch the bows that you make or you can try too sell them on the Grand Exchange.

  • Level 65 - 70: Yew shortbows.
  • Level 70 - 80: Yew longbows.
  • Level 80 - 85: Maic shortbows.
  • Level 85 - 99: Magic longbows.

Sacred clay knifesEdit

You can get a sacred clay knife from the Stealing Creation minigame. You will get double Fletching xp when you use this knife instead of a normal knife. The knife will break when you reach an certain amount of Fletching xp, you will have to get a new one then.

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