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000 Fletching

Fletching, hard to get items to train the skills. It is therefore one of the harder skills to get 99 in on Corruption X.The training of Fletching will mainly not produce alone Fletching xp, but you will also get Magic,SmithingWoodcutting and Crafting xp to make Fletching supplies. Look for different methods of training further in this article, but we will start with the basics of the fletching skill before.

The most important tool for Fletching is a knife. You can make (u) bows and arrow shafts with a knife. You can buy knives in the skilling shop 1 of Oracle of Dawn at home. You can also add them to your toolbelt to save an inventory spot.


[show]==Arrows== The training of Fletching will start with arrows. You will only be able to make arrow shafts at level 1. It's kind of boring and not a good training method. But you can make some money from it when you will make Rune or Dragon arrows. Or you can make them to train your own Ranged level.

You will have to use a knife on a normal log, select arrow shafts and use feathers on the shafts. You will get headless arrows after this. You have to use arrowheads on them now to finish the arrow. These arrowheads can be made with smithing.

  • Dragon arrowtips can be obtained by catching kingly implings.
Picture Level Name Xp for adding arrowheads Total Xp (Arrow shafts and feathers inclusive) Bow
[1] 1 Arrow shafts - 100 -
[2] 1 Headless arrows - ? -
[3] 1 Bronze arrows ? ? Every
[4] 15 Iron arrows ? ? Oak and better
[5] 30 Steel arrows ? ? Willow and better
[6] 45 Mithril arrows ? ? Maple and better
[7] 60 Adamant arrows ? ? Yew and better
[8] 75 Rune arrows ? ? Magic and better
[9] 90 Dragon arrows ? ? Dark bow


Bolts exist out of metal and feathers. You can use them as a sort of arrows during Ranged in combination with a crossbow.

You will need bars before making bolts. You can smith these into (unf) bolts with the Smithing skill. You will have to add feathers to these (unf) bolts to finish them. You could eventually add gems to these afterwards to get a special effect.

Picture Level Name Xp ea Bolt
[10] 9 Bronze bolts ?
[11] 39 Iron bolts ?
[12] 43 Silver bolts ?
[13] 46 Steel bolts ?
[14] 54 Mithril bolts ?
[15] 61 Adamant bolts ?
[16] 69 Runite bolts ?


You can also add special bolttips, that are made from gems, on your bolts. You can also turn enchant these bolts with the Magic skill afterwards. Look into the Magic guide for this (will be added later).

You can get bolttips by cutting cutted gems again. It isn't smart to do this with an onyx since it is an expensive gem. You'd better buy them in the TzHaar shop.

Picture Level Name Type of bolt needed Xp ea bolt
[17] 11 Opal bolt tips Bronze ?
[18] 26 Jade bolt tips Blurite ?
[19] 41 Pearl bolt tips Iron ?
[20] 48 Red topaz bolt tips Steel ?
[21] 56 Sapphire bolt tips Mithril ?
[22] 58 Emerald bolt tips Mithril ?
[23] 63 Ruby bolt tips Adamant ?
[24] 45 Diamond bolt tips Adamant ?
[25] 71 Dragon bolt tips Rune ?
[26] 73 Onyx bolt tips Rune ?


Darts aren't used much in Ranged. First make darttips with Smithing and use feathers on them.

  • Dragon darttips can be obtained by catching Kingly Implings.
Picture Level Name Xp ea dart
[27] 1 Bronze dart ?
[28] 22 Iron dart ?
[29] 37 Steel dart ?
[30] 52 Mithril dart ?
[31] 67 Adamant dart ?
[32] 81 Rune dart ?
[33] 95 Dragon dart ?


We can start with the real work now. You will need a knife to make bows. You can choose between a shortbow, longbow and (crossbow) stick when you use your knife on any log. You can also make arrow shafts with normal logs, but this is explained in the arrow section. You will be able to make bows when you klick one of the two different bows if your Fletching level is high enough.

You will need to add a string to an unstrun bow, a bow string. How to make a bow string? That's really simple. You go to the flaxfield in Seers' Village. That's in the south of Seers' Village. You will have to pick some flax there. Head over to a spinning wheel then and spin the flax. Select the bow string (3rd option) and you will spin bow strings . Spinning wheels can be found south of the bank in Seers' Village or on the first floor in the castle of Lumbridge. You can now use the bow string on the unstrung bow. You have will now have a bow to use in the Ranged skill. 

Picture Name Level Xp without bow string XP with bow string
[34] Shortbow 1 100 200
[35] Longbow 10 200 400
[36] Oak shortbow 20 330 660
[37] Oak longbow 25 500 1,000
[38] Willow shortbow 35 666 1,332
[39] Willow longbow 40 830 1,660
[40] Maple shortbow 50 1,000 2,000
[41] Maple longbow 55 1,166 2,332
[42] Yew shortbow 65 1,350 2,700
[43] Yew longbow 70 1,500 3,000
[44] Magic shortbow 80 1,665 3,330
[45] Magic longbow 85 1,830 3,660

You can use these bows for High alching to train your Magic level or sell them in the general store for a little money.


You can also make crossbows with the Fletching skill. Crossbows are made of wood, metal and special strings. So you will also need a sertain Smithing level too make them.

Make a (crossbow) stock from a normal, oak, willow, teak, mahogany, maple or yew log with a knife. Add your limbs to them now. These can be made with Smithing. And put a crossbow string on it afterwards. These can be made by using a peace of raw beef or bear on a range. You only need level 1 Cooking for this. you will have to choose sinew, not for cooked meat. Make afterwards a crossbow string from this sinew on a spinning wheel. Your crossbow is finally ready now!

Picture Level Name Logs needed Limbs needed Xp for the stock Xp for adding limbs Xp stringen Total xp
9 Bronze crossbow Normal Bronze ? ? ? ?
39 Iron crossbow Willow Iron ? ? ? ?
46 Steel crossbow Teak Steel ? ? ? ?
54 Mithril crossbow Maple Mithril ? ? ? ?
61 Adamant crossbow Mahogany Adamant ? ? ? ?
69 Rune crossbow Yew Rune ? ? ? ?


There are different methods advised on the page following page that you can use to train Fletching on a quick and efficient way.

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