You need special patches for fruit trees, they are called fruit tree patches. The planting of fruit trees is the same as for normal trees: Add the seeds in a plant pot with a gardening trowel and plant the sapling with a spade in the patch.

The Fruit trees can also get diseased. You will have to cut the diseased branches out of the fruit tree with a magic secateur.

You will have to pick all the fruit, cut the fruit tree down and dig the stump out if you want the patch clean again.

Picture Name Location
111 fruit-tree-brimhaven Brimhaven Teleport to Catherby and take the boat to Brimhaven. The fruit tree patch is south of the position that you end with the boat.
112 fruit-tree-catherby Catherby Teleport to Catherby and walk east to the beach. You will see the fruit tree patch after a while.
113 fruit-tree-gnome-stronghold Gnome Stronghold Use the spirit tree to get in Gnome Stronghold. the fastest way to get to the tree spirit is by teleporting to the mobilising armies with the Ring of Duelling. the fruit tree patch is east of the spirit tree in the Gnome Stronghold.
114 fruit-tree-tree-gnome-village Tree Gnome Village

Teleport to Ardougne and go to the west side of the labyrinth. You will see the fruit patch there.

133 Lletya Lletya Teleport to Lletya using the Oracle at Edgeville

Fruit treesEdit

Seed  Result Name Level Time Xp planting Xp harvesting
115 apple-tree-seed 116 cooking-apple Apple seed 27 ? ? ?
117 banana-tree-seed 118 banana Bananaseed 33 ? ? ?
119 orange-tree-seed 120 orange Orange seed 39 ? ? ?
121 curry-tree-seed 122 curry-leaf Curry seed 42 ? ? ?
123 pineapple-seed 124 pineapple Pineapple seed 51 ? ? ?
125 papaya-tree-seed 126 papaya-fruit Papaya seed 57 ? ? 129074.4 xp
127 palm-tree-seed 128 coconut Palm seed 68 ? 2,210 ?

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