Here is a full guide on how to use the Fairy Ring. Fairy Ring teleports are very useful for getting around for things such as slayer tasks and clue scrolls.

For a full guide on all quest items, click here.


36+ Woodcutting

Be able to kill a level 111 tree spirit

Knife and Bronze hatchet in toolbelt (These can both be obtained via the Oracle)

Recommended: 43+ Prayer

How to get thereEdit

First off, use the lodestone to get to Port Sarim. Then follow this path to find the monks, they will take you to Entrana.


Way to the monks

Now that you are on the island, follow this path to get to the dungeon:

Way to the dungeon

Now go down the ladder and follow this path:

Once you reach the tree, click on it once and a level 90 Tree Spirit will appear and attack you. Turn on melee pray and turmoil (if you don't have turmoil, use piety or ultimate str). When you kill the spirit, you will be able to cut the tree for Dramen Branches. It is a good idea to get more than 1, just incase you lose it. Now, just craft the branches into Dramen Staves.

Once you have done this, go to Zanaris via oracle or the fairy ring west of edgeville (which staff weilded) and click it. It will give you options on what you want to go to, all codes can be found in the list, or you can google them.