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Dragon Claws

Dragon claws
are a pair of claws made of dragon metal. It is a two-handed weapon that requires an Attack level of 60 in order to wield them. Dragon claws may be obtained as a drop from tormented demons, traded from another player or bought from the Grand Exchange.

Special AttackEdit

These claws feature a special attack, "Slice and Dice", which uses 50% of the special attack bar and hits an enemy four times with 1 special attack . When two special attacks are used back-to-back, a player can hit eight times in two attacks, which is similar to the dragon dagger's special attack, but much faster.

With the Ancient Curse prayers, the threat of dragon claws is much less dangerous as a Sap spirit or Leech special attack may render a back-to-back special impossible. However, the Ancient Curse prayers also introduced Turmoil, greatly increasing killing potential.


Dragon claws have similar stats to dragon dagger but more enhanced and better, also the special attack is faster. Layout design by Darkzide

Attack Bonus Defence Bonus
Dragon Claw Special
Stab +41 +13
Slash +57 +26
Crush -4 +7
Magic 0 0
Ranged 0 0
Summoning 0 0
Other Bonuses
Strength +56 Absorb Melee 0%
Ranged Strength 0 Absorb Ranged 0%
Prayer 0 Absorb Magic 0%
Magic Damage 0%

Dropping MonstersEdit

How to obtain dragon claws guide is available on main page.

Monster Combat Level Quantity Rarity
Tormented Demon 450 1 Rare