A Trimmed Completionist Cape

The Cape and its benefits

The completionist cape is the best cape in the game and is awarded to players who have "completed the game" by finishing all major content available. When bought it comes with a corresponding hood. It can be bought in Varrock Museum for 5,000,000 coins from the museum guard on the top floor.

The cape has superior stats in all styles and it also has the highest prayer bonus for any cape slot item, and even exceeds the TokHaar-Kal in strength bonus. It also retrieves different types of ammunition, like does an Ava's device.

The Requirements


an Untrimmed Completionist Cape

Along with all the following requirements, you need to obtain a 99 in all skills, to wear the Completionist cape. The requirements for the untrimmed Completionist cape are:

- Defeat Nomad  
- Finish Fight caves
- Finish Fight Kiln minigame
- Defeat one Queen Black Dragon  
- Win a game of Stealing creation
- Capture the flag in Castle wars
- Finish #1 in a Fight pits minigame
- Have been maxed out in every skill in-game
- Defeating one WildyWyrm
- Gain atleast 50 PvP Kills in Total
- Be the first to mine one Shooting Star and claim its reward
- Complete the "Lost City" mini-quest
- Slay Bork at least once

To get the trimmed Completionist cape, you will need the same requirements as above, adding:

- Kill 100 bosses in the Dominion Tower
- Play 25 games of Castle wars
- Play 25 games of Stealing Creation
- Gain atleast 100 PvP Kills in Total

The trimmed Completionist cape has the exact same stats as the untrimmed Completionist cape.


The only difference is, trimmed has golden (orange) smoke instead of silver (white) smoke trailing it.

The smoke can also be referred to as the particle effect (Bloom enhances this effect).

You must be the first one to tag the star to complete the Shooting Star requirement.

Also defeating the Wildy Wyrm can be done in a group. As long as you get a fury shark for participating, it counts towards the requirement.