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Bird's Nest

A Bird's Nest is an item obtained from either cutting down logs, or killing the Giant Mole

Obtained from WoodcuttingEdit

Bird's Nest are an uncommon drop from any experience giving tree, including Ivy.

When you obtain a Bird's Nest, you will get a message in your gamechat that says-

"A bird's nest fell out of the tree!"

You will then have it automatically in your inventory.

Obtained from Giant MoleEdit

The Giant Mole , which can be found under Falador Park, always drops Mole Skins, and a Mole Claw. These can be traded in at Falador Park by talking to the Gardener, who will give you a Nest with each.

Rewards Edit

There are a long list of rewards you can get from a Bird's Nest, and they all depend on what the item within the birds nest its.

Nest Rewards
Bird's nest ring
Bird's nest seed
Bird's nest raven egg
Raven Egg
Bird's nest blue egg
Saradomin Egg
Bird's nest red egg
Zamorak Egg
Bird's nest green egg
Guthix Egg
Empty nest

There are multiple different Rings you can get.

Bird's nest ring
Ring Chance
Gold ring
Gold 33-35%
Sapphire ring
Sapphire 40-43%
Emerald ring
Emerald 15-17%
Ruby ring
Ruby 08-09%
Diamond ring
Diamond 0.6-1.1%
Seed Chance
Acorn 21-23%
Willow 13-14%
Maple 5-6%
Yew 3-4%


Apple 16-17%
Banana 10-12%
Orange 8-9%
Curry 6-7%
Pineapple 4-5%
Papaya 3-4%
Palm 2%
Calquat 2%
Spirit 0.9-1.4%


As of yet, Raven and God's Eggs serve no purpose. However, in the future they may be used to create Pet Birds.

The rings can be enchanted, thus giving them effects depending upon the gem in the ring, or they can be sold, either in the Grand Exchange, to other players, or in the general store.

Seeds can be used with the Farming skill to create various trees, such as cuttable trees, or fruit trees.

Lastly, the Nest's themselves can be grinded up, then used to create a Saradomin Brew through Herblore.