Asdorange (born January 23rd, 1995), more commonly known Aosrndge is a Global Moderator of the infamous runescape private server known as Corruptionx. From his earliest time's in the 562 Revision realm of Corruption he formed alliances with various oldfags and newfags such as the "Team Beibei" clan to establish his standing and achieve his own personal political agenda. 

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and completing his last year of college Asdorange has set his sights on conquering the land of Corruptionx before returning to IRL-Scape for University. Other hobbies include driving, cats and abusing M0 in his spare time.

Child Abuse ClaimsEdit

On the 25th March, 2010. Rumours had arised about allegations that Asdorange had punched a young toddler in the face at a birthday party for his two year old son. TMZ reported that the two year old had actually punched Asdorange in the face and a video had surfaced online from a viewer of the arguement. No charges have been laid against the two year old by Asdorange's party.

Career Beginnings and Living in the Kitchen (2003-2004)Edit

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In his latter years

After the Child Abuse claims had been settled Asdorange had a swarm of fan's supporting him for his Justin Beiber like looks. This prompted wealthy X-Factor manager Simon Cowell to sign him to his label Not Corporate Puppets. Asdorange went to the studio to watch his producers do all the work, and although Asdorange did not sing on any of his songs from his debut album Living in the Ktichen he was still nominated for multiple grammy awards including; Album of Years, Female Artist of the Year, Best Group and Best contemporary Jamaican-metal album. Asdorange had tweeted that his next album would be a concept album about the tales of golf legend Tiger wood's marital affairs, and Sharon Osbourne's life to be released sometime in 2011.