Ancient Artefacts are rare items that are obtained by killing revenants, or through PVP. These serve no function beyond selling them, and can be sold for a reasonable price to Mandrith, who can be found at the Edgeville bank.


Artefact Value
Broken Statue Headdress
Broken Statue headdress 5,000
Third age carafe
Third Age Carafe 10,000
Bronzed Dragon Claw
Bronzed Dragon Claw 20,000
Ancient psaltery bridge
Ancient Psaltery Bridge 30,000
Saradomin amphora
Saradomin Amphora 40,000
Bandos Scrimshaw
Bandos Scrimshaw 50,000
Saradomin Carving
Saradomin Carving 75,000
Zamorak medallion
Zamorak Medallion 100,000
Armadyl totem
Armadyl Totem 150,000
Guthixian Brazier
Guthixian Brazier 200,000
Ruby Chalice
Ruby Chalice 250,000
Bandos statuette
Bandos Statuette 300,000
Zamorak Statuette
Zamorak Statuette 400,000
Armadyl Statuette
Armadyl Statuette 500,000
Seren Statuette
Seren Statuette 1,000,000
Ancient statuette
Ancient Statuette 5,000,000